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watch I've got to be me. It's the only way I am truly comfortable, but if being 'me' might have a negative impact on things I or others are looking to accomplish I know I need to compromise. We all should be aware how our actions can impact others; whether it means 'fitting in' or 'letting go' of some of our beliefs we have to assess the impact of being ourselves in certain situations.

Take for example the story related by Marshall Goldsmith in the Harvard Business News, Do You Have an Excessive Need to Be Yourself? The stingy recognition habits of this CEO had far-reaching implications. For him, a bit of compromise made a big difference and he did not have to ignore his authenticity to make it happen. However, there are times when it comes down to compromise or authenticity and authenticity wins virtually every time. When authenticity does not (or cannot) take precedence I still remain in touch with my values and beliefs. It's see my job to integrate myself with the world around me even when I don't precisely fit in. For me that's more often about the way I dress or the length of my hair. But what are you waiting for anyway? Mr/Ms perfect? Tell me what is going on out there. 



3 responses on “I've Got To Be Me

  1. Ed McDonough says:

    Ed, I believe balance is the key to harmony in all areas of your life; both personal and business. There's no better way to make that work for you than being yourself and attracting like minded people. Your purpose, "why" you do what you do, will be the underlying factor that will give you the greatest advantage to touch the lives of those in need of your talent and wisdom. Carry on my friend and keep up the good work!

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    You say it so succinctly; thanks Ed. I am particularly inspired by the question 'Why'. The how and what are important but of little value unless the who and why are first established.

  3. Connie Dunn says:

    Ed, if we aren't authentically who we are, then we aren't being ourselves. We cannot put ourselves out in the world as something we are not, without risking losing who we are. Authenticity is probably one of the top values that I look for in people. You've got that down pat…and I think it works well for you.
    Ethics are not something we should ever have to sacrifice for the sake of doing business. One of the blessings of being in business for yourself is to be able to put ethical practices at the forefront of all we do.

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