Why Use The FREE Services of a Franchise Consultant?

How We Work Together To Find The Perfect Franchise for You!


You basically have two choices when it comes to looking into and finding yourself the perfect franchise. One way is to go on-line, visit lots of web sites and fill in multiple forms. You can also go to the local book store and read material on franchising and see what the editors say are the latest and greatest concepts. Most of the time, these methods do not work well and have been found to be a waste of time. The magazine articles and the franchises that are promoted as being "best" and "hottest" tend to be slanted towards their advertisers. The web sites are also nothing more than glorified billboards and advertisements that all sound and look great. Ask the following questions: How do the editors of these magazines know what is best for you…not knowing your goals, budget, income requirements, background, interests, size of your city, demographics of your area, etc.? Will the concept be a good fit in your town, or does it match well with your personality and desired life style? These ads and articles are only skin deep, mostly with hype and marketing spin conveying the universal message of "buy me, buy me". I've had clients tell me that they would review 10 franchises or more on the internet and felt like they wanted to buy them all. Of course they all sounded fantastic. Big money was spent on that marketing effort. If you do get the opportunity to dig into a particular company, you will find out many times that it was ultimately not a good fit for you for any number of reasons. There goes many months of wasted research time down the drain. I had one client tell me that he had been researching franchises for more than a year and could not quite find the right one. Once we started working together, he and his wife found the perfect franchise in three weeks. We bring an educated and proven approach to getting the right franchise identified.

Overload on the Web

With the thousands of inquiries that franchise companies receive every day, it usually takes them several weeks to get back to you. In many cases your inquiry winds up in a "black hole" and you never hear back. Even multiple emails and calls are usually not returned any time soon. Have you ever noticed that many of the franchise company web sites do not advertise a telephone number? That's because their sales department is usually comprised of a small number of people who are already working with qualified clients and are overwhelmed with the back log of internet inquiries. They simply do not have enough hours in the day to take your call and contact every single web form that comes in asking for more information. Many folks tell me that they have sent multiple e-mails, filled in many forms and called several times (after getting the telephone number from the phone book) with weeks going by and no return communication. This is very typical and what you can expect by trying to research franchises on the internet. If your spending this kind of time on the wrong franchise in the first place, but don’t realize it at the time, you can see how frustrating and discouraging it can be. Why put yourself through this kind of stress? Isn’t looking for your new career and finding your dream supposed to be fun and exciting? Why would you want to make becoming your own boss and starting your own franchise business complicated?

The Alternative

The best option is to utilize the FREE services of a seasoned professional, a "franchise match-maker". Open your mind to the ideas and testimony of someone who has actually lived through the process, researched, bought, built and sold a successful franchise business. Why not be talking with someone who can share with you first-hand knowledge of what to expect in the process. A franchise coach only works with a couple of dozen clients per year. He is focused on you and your project and always accessible (nights and weekends) to help you. You will not be left wondering if you are on the right track or if your phone call will ever get returned or if a certain franchise is right for you. This specialization and full time focus on your success will help you quickly find the best fitting franchise that you will be able to believe in and feel passionate about. You cannot get this level of service and dedication from the web or any magazine that you may read. You can only acquire this expertise by working with a franchise match-maker! A franchise coach will NEVER "sell" you a franchise, make a decision for you or charge you a fee. Those decisions will eventually come from within as you go through the process.

Working Together

"Handshake"I consider myself to be not only a franchise match-maker, but also part psychiatrist. I have been given an uncanny gift that allows me to very quickly get into my clients' minds, and in a short amount of time, discover what makes them tick, what is important to them, what they want to achieve and how they define success. Clients also receive a great education on franchising and the process of finding that special brand. The ability to educate and help my clients in an expedient and concise manner has enabled my clients to find their dream franchise. I have personally lived through the experience you are considering to undertake; I love what I do and I am very passionate about it. You will see this from our very first session and as our time together unfolds.

I am usually able to help a client become a franchise owner in about 30 days – from our first conversation to you deciding to move forward with a particular franchise company. The journey is exciting and much more fun when you know you have a trusted third party assisting you and guiding you along the way. There are shams, pit falls and traps out there that I will not let you be subjected to. We will take the high road and proceed at a speed that is comfortable for you until you are completely satisfied that you have found your dream franchise opportunity.

Please feel free to call me at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Al McCooey, Summit Franchises, 401-333-3437, info@summitfranchises.com and on the web at http://www.summitfranchises.com.

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