Who Is Your Audience?

"KnowLast week I wrote about getting your message heard. I started with intent. That is, before you set out to convey a message, get sorted as to what you intend for that message to accomplish. Lots of folks don't start there and when they find their message is not being heard they may be bummed, angry or befuddled. The fact is, defining the intent leads to a more effective message. The more effective the message, the more likely it is to be heard.

My question today is- who is your audience? It should not surprise you that how you deliver a message to a group of tweens is not quite the same as one delivered to us baby boomers. Knowing your audience and knowing "collectively" how they are most apt to find it, is vital to making sure your message is heard. Note I said collectively- there is no such thing as one size fits all in business. But the better informed you are, the better your chance of success.

Your audience is comprised of the folks you want most to reach and they are the ones most inclined to want what you have to offer. Who they are says a lot about how they get their information. Here you have to make some generalizations, based upon age and other demographics. Some of you may think that virtual contact is the only way to go. Remember, one
size does not fit all- make sure your message is being delivered in a
way that your audience is most inclined to find it. Take the time, do the research- if the proper media is selected, you have a far better chance of reaching the audience you want.

Next week- is there a benefit to glitz, gifts and promises.

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