Where there is smoke there is…

FIRE! Everybody knows there are fires to tend in the workplace. From smoldering embers to raging infernos they hamper our ability to manage the routine events upon which our business depend. But how often have you said (or heard) "I spend too much time putting out fires?"


Are your fires burning out of control? Do they tend to recur? If you answered yes to either of these two questions you are spending too much time in damage control. Let me ask you this-

  • What type of fires are you dealing with (e.g., grease, electrical, paper)? In business terms think workplace conflict, poor communication, etc.
  • What type of extinguisher(s) are you using/have available?

OK so workplace fires (think of them as are not the garden variety but by way of example, you know what happens when you put water on a grease or electrical fire. Have you any idea how many business folks are spreading and mismanaging their fires? Are you one of them? The cost of mismanaged fires is exorbitant not to mention a waste of time. Here’s a place to start:

  • Identify the real fires and figure out the source- you have to know what you are dealing with in order to provide effective management
  • Identify and dispatch the false alarms- you have better things to do than waste your time on them
  • Most important of all, prevent fires from starting whenever possible!

2 responses on “Where there is smoke there is…

  1. Camelia says:

    Good information on how to prevent a fire! In my workplace I found out a lot of people have no idea how to identify what kind of fire it might be. Wish this information was available also on company website.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Camelia, it's such a common condition. We focus on the symptoms of the problem but fail to recognize the underlying cause. We perpetuate the same bad things and scratch our heads and ask- Why is that? Investing the time up front to determine what is causing our problems (fires) can lead to an effective resolution.
    Say, what do you mean by " Wish this information was available also on company website"?

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