What is a Coach?

Most of us can relate to the following excerpt from fellow coach Pamela Sotir Beaudet's blog post Is the Coaching Missing from So-Called Successful Coaching Businesses?: "I constantly get emails from coaches who I don't even know, trying to convince me to pay them to show me how to be a 'six-figure coach.' Last week, one guy wanted me to license his 'proven system.' The cost? A mere 10k for the license for 15 months, and then $1500 per year thereafter."

Being skeptical of the claims, Pamela attended his free tele-seminar. What he said is an embarrassment to the coaching profession and to all legitimate coaches. First, he informed the attendees that he was just finishing up the content for this "proven system"; he went on to say that "Six-figure coaches don't coach. That's trading time for money and it's for suckers". It doesn't end there- I suggest you read the post to get the whole story. This purported 'six-figure coach' hopes to make six figures by selling a yet to be completed system to folks who he can convince of his integrity. Gee, no wonder the public cannot understand what a professional coach does.

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching is defined as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." A professional coach conducts his/her practice in accordance with a code of ethics, which is designed to ensure the integrity of the client-coach relationship and to provide for the best possible outcome in support of the client's goals. 

"BuildingMy fellow coaches and I are proud to facilitate the success of our client-partners. The means that we employ to achieve these goals are varied and often reflect the training that we have undergone. However at the core level I believe all coaches share some attributes; to name a few:

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