What Are You Hiding?

"Images" Our driveway has long been in need of repair and so I got a number of bids to get the ball rolling. The quotes were pretty close except for that one "too good to be true" wonder. Man, this guy was more like a magician than a contractor. I should have just left him at the "you get what you pay for" phase. Oh no, not me!

No sooner than he measured the driveway- $2400. I imagine my disbelief was pretty obvious. The next closest bid was $4000; but hey, we are not made of money. So I said to him, how about some referrals. Answer: I have been in business 40 years. Great stuff- how about some references? He said he would send them.

Meanwhile I check his website- nope, doesn't have one. He's been around for 40 years, probably does not think he needs one. Ah, but someone wrote one of those anonymous references on-line. NOT GOOD AT ALL. Still no references so I call to ask about them and oh by the way what about that on-line scathing? Answer: yeah we we have no idea who wrote that and the references are coming. Needless to say the references never arrived and the guy who assured me I will save if he does the pave has lost another customer.

So I am one of the lucky ones who got away. Imagine building a business on the number of years you have been at it. I figure after 40 years he must have a treasure trove of reviews to share- well, I guess not. I am convinced that Mr. Pave and Save has something to hide (or nothing good to share). 

In order to succeed in business you need to provide services and/or products, which meet the needs and expectations of your customers. Everyone seems to understand that- it's the subtle things that make it or break it and integrity is at the top of that list. People don't "see" your integrity, they feel it, they sense it. You can build a better mousetrap, compete on price and dazzIe your customers with rave service but if you do have something to hide, they'll know it and you can be sure, they aren't very likely to come back again.

2 responses on “What Are You Hiding?

  1. Jen says:

    Ed – you're absolutely right. Integrity is number one when it comes to doing business. I wonder if the guy you described has just let it all slide. Retiring without telling anyone. Even that is a lack of integrity.
    I hope you got the driveway paved!

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Interesting point Jen (about retiring). I learned long ago not to judge a book by its' cover but from time to time I admit I still lose my patience.
    Oh yeah, we got someone to do the job. Stay tuned for part 2.

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