We All Need Closure But Don't Slam the Door

"LackMike needed to get this campaign out of his head and onto paper, literally. Sue had all the tools, resources and skills to get the job done and she had met all of the conditions Mike had set forth. Still, Mike walked away saying that he would sort it out over the weekend, but he assured Sue I will call you on Monday. As of Tuesday the call did not come, nor by Friday of that week. Sue made several attempts to reach Mike but messages left and sent were not answered.

Been there? For most of us the answer is YES! Many of us keep trying, holding on to the notion that things will work out. Most of us are at least disappointed, if not angry. A smaller few let it roll off their backs but I doubt anyone is completely unfazed by this sort of thing. One thing is certain though- each of us needs closure.

Why Closure?

Closure is about letting go and moving on. In a practical sense, it's about permitting ourselves to let go and to move on. Rather than spending time on something that holds little or no hope of value we can direct our efforts where they will serve us best. Time is one of our most precious assets and we all know that it is limited. Choosing closure is an opportunity for us to increase our control over our own lives. It may not always be easy to do; there is always that "what if" thing to deal with. But the benefits far outweigh the potential losses, particularly if we view closure as a planned and necessary process.

Tips for Successful Closure

  • Mission- keep in mind why you are here in the first
    place. You have not only to uphold the integrity of your mission but you must also be sure to allocate your precious time so that your mission can be fulfilled. 
  • Preserve- just because the deal is closing now does not
    mean the opportunity will not come back around. Preserve the integrity of
    the relationship, even if that means choking back your ego.
  • Set boundaries- they differ, depending upon the
    circumstances but at a minimum, agree to go forward with only a positive
    attitude. If you wait until you are angry, you have waited too long.
  • Smile- if you did wait too long and you are angry or
    negative, go ahead and kick a can. But when it comes time to close, get
    over it. Negativity and anger are like a drug-fueled high; brief euphoria
    followed by a crushing crash.
  • Vision- look forward not behind. Learn from the lessons
    provided and focus on using this new knowledge to improve upon the future.

Taking control of the process is within your grasp. Closure is not always about making a sale. Sometimes it's about walking away; but before you do walk away, make sure you know where you are headed and where you are coming from.

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