Want Repeat Business?

…be passionate

On a trip to Grand Bahama Island my wife and I met some of the warmest people we "Ladolcevita1" have ever met. Most seemed truly happy we were there and made a point of enriching our visit. During our stay we dined at a great restaurant at the Port Lucaya Marketplace. The food, surroundings and ambiance were spot-on but it was our server who made it an unforgettable experience.

I was immediately struck by our servers’ enthusiasm; it was contagious! This fellow was so incredibly joyful I had to ask him- why? He said he’s always been a very happy person (easier perhaps when you live in paradise?); he told us that he’s very passionate about everything he does. His passion, coupled with his willingness to express it made him an exceptionally engaging and vibrant person. Bottom line, there surely are many finer restaurants on the island; for me, they’d be hard-pressed to have made such a positive and memorable impression. And positive and memorable impressions sell business!

Passion drives us to do what we do; to make the choices we make. It also helps us sustain the effort needed to be successful. Our server is passionate about everything he does; his passion not only sustains his enthusiasm and joy, it has a positive impact on the restaurant in which he works. Through his enthusiasm our dining experience was fantastic, unforgettable and vivid. 

The consumer seeks a business that provides necessary/desirable products/services at a fair (read: competitive) price. People will flock to a business that has these things but the real question is will they keep coming back? I believe that a business that is comprised of truly passionate people is best equipped to retain their customers. Are you and your employees passionate about your business? Do you make a point to ensure that it shows?

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