Their Script or Your Gut- Which Will It Be?

"Scripted Do you tend to follow a system, read from a script or do you prefer spontaneity and going with the flow? Consider these two quotes: "The best way to achieve success is to have a system and follow it and "It is infinitely better to achieve the desired result than to follow a rigid system and come up short." In the business world we often choose between one of these two camps. It’s a matter of preference but whichever path you choose, there are potential pitfalls. 

Staying on the Path

For those who follow a system, the benefits are clear. The path has been created, it is well illuminated and it's easy enough to reach out to others who are walking it, in case you need support or guidance. The tried and true is a comforting approach to take but:

  • One size does not fit all– sure, it worked before but that does not mean it will work for everybody, every time. Come to think of it- is it working for YOU?
  • Times change– the script you bought (or buy into) may not be keeping up with the times. Is there enough flexibility for you to make it fit? Will it still work if you do?
  • Life happens– the best laid plans, no matter how thoughtfully designed is subject to the unexpected. When that happens are you prepared to act? Has complacency and comfort left you ill-prepared?

Purposeful Wandering"Spontaneous"

For those who choose spontaneity over script the benefits are also clear. You tend to reject rigidity,  rely heavily on instinct and lean more to the side of risk-taking. As such, spontaneity serves you very well. But you too have a few things to watch out for:

  • Watch your credibility– as enviable as spontaneity may be, there is the risk that you will not be taken as seriously as those with a system. Credibility is about much more than this, but for you it's even more important to make your value unequivocally clear. 
  • Know your boundaries– even those who thrive on instinct and spontaneity have them. The key is acknowledging they exist and accepting what they are. Boundaries are not meant to hold you in, they are meant to focus your vision, purpose and efforts.
  • Identify your core– for each endeavor you undertake, you have a set of core elements that inform and shape the way in which you perform. If spontaneity is the wind in your sails then these core elements are the rudder that ensures you arrive at the intended destination.

Whether you read from a script, walk a narrow path or move with the wind, keep in mind that not everyone will respond in the way that you would hope. Your ability to listen to the needs of your customers and to adapt, to flex and to accomodate is critical to your success.

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