The Way We Were

I have to say, growing up in the 50's and 60's was a blessing. By that I mean it really was an easy time to be a kid. There was time to play and less to play with- 9 parts imagination and 1 part props. The idea of being distracted constantly by texts, e-mail, video games and more simply did not exist.

Recently I checked out some old words and phrases that were popular in my youth. I have to say, when I was young this is a task that would have taken me a lot of work. So, for the current state of technology I have to admit I am grateful. So here is a "blast from the past" (yeah we said that back then too).

Buffphysically well built (e.g. Slyvester Stallone is buff; well he was then)

Can You Dig Ityou understand

Hotdog!- when you are amazed at something

Mind Your Potatosto mind your own business

Outta Sightlike far-out; very cool, good.

The Rabbit Died a way of stating someone is pregnant. Refers to the old test of injecting a rabbit. If the rabbit survived, the person wasn't pregnant, if it died, they were.

Radanother word for cool (today it might be more apt to apply to nuclear power)

Squarenot cool (but cool does remain)

Stokedexcited ,as in he called me and I was sooooo stoked!

That's Wackedthat's screwed up, that's weird, there's something wrong with that (e.g., "that dude was wacked"). I think this is still around.

You're Harshing My Mellow!like, you're annoying me or making me mad. *someone keeps poking you* "Stop it man! You're harshing my mellow!"

Yank My Chainto mislead someone. To waste their time. To be dishonest. "Don't yank my chain buddy."

Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose!no way, or I'm ticked off by what you did. From "Welcome Back, Kotter." Also, In your ear!

Smell Yasee you later

Sit On Itmade popular by "Happy Days," it means basically "shut up," "go to hell," or some other exasperated expression

Right Arm/ Farm Outslang making fun of slang

Let's Blow This Taco Stand- let's leave

Jeepers Creepersoh my God or another way of saying far out

Gag Me With A Spoonsomething weird or disgusting, a chick who's ugly

For Sureusually pronounced "fer shure"; synonym for the gazillion other things meaning, you are correct, such as, right on, I'm hip, I dig, etc.

Fake Me Outto be deceived or tricked.

Be There Or Be Squaremeans be at the party or place or be boring!!

skinney- real deal or truth (e.g., "let me give you the skinney on the deal")

I hope you enjoyed the nostalgic tour. I admit I am inclined to use some of these terms now and then.The next time you encounter one of us "old farts" (that one is timeless I figure), cut us some slack and just "ease on down" to our point of view.

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