The Story of How Willy Almost Missed Christmas

"6a0133f2df3286970b019b03377fad970d"Meet my friend Willy (not his real name as he prefers to remain anonymous). Willy is a red squirrel; he and a few of his friends hang out in our back yard. If he looks a bit harried it's because he is, by nature. Never one to walk a straight line or to keep four feet on the ground for long, watching Willy is sort of like watching a pinball bouncing off the bumpers.

At this time of year it seems that many of the people I know are behaving a lot like Willy too. The time between Thanksgiving and New Years has become a veritable whirl of shopping, decorating and entertaining. Simplicity has given way to grandiosity and honestly I am not sure what we are attempting to accomplish anymore.

In business too, we get caught up in many things and often find ourselves rushing about (of course if you happen to be in retail this takes on a very special meaning at this time of year). Whether its business or personal (who can tell them apart anyway) all this rushing about can build stress and result in some not so useful outcomes. What is a modern day, business owning human to do?

  • Chill- not the weather silly, your attitude. Even if you can't take it easy at least take it light.
  • Snuggle- yup, I said snuggle; not only is it cold outside but snuggling up to a person, pet or cuddly blanket induces the flow of endorphins. I don't need to remind you how good it is for you to have that natural high.
  • Respect- when you have just about had it with the rudeness and rushing of the people around you (yes, road rage increases at this time of year) try a little respect. It's sort of hard to give when someone cuts you in line so do it when it's easy, then do it again. Believe it or not, if a whole bunch of people started doing this, it really would make a difference. Wow, go figure.
  • Reflect- consider the real meaning behind things like Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas versus that which we have made them. Even a bit of inward thought can bring a little more balance to a hectic life.

Surely there are many more things that may work for you and I hope you'll take the time to give them some consideration. Here's one for me- for the next two weeks, no posting from me. A chance to recharge my batteries, to enjoy the time I have with my family and to reflect upon what comes next, whether it be a New Year or just a New Day.

Cheers to all…

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