THE Secret to Small Business Success Revealed

"SnakeHow many times have you seen such a claim? Looked into it further? Even spent a little or a LOT of money on it? You can be assured that if you have, you are far from alone. Of course if it seems too good to be true it almost always is.

But there are some things you probably haven't thought of and it might just be worth your while to consider these overlooked tips that can improve your chances of succeeding in business.

First, Look In the Mirror

Before starting a business, get your personal "house in order." At the root of any successful business are well-anchored people. There is very strong congruity between your goals and the skills, resources and ingenuity that the principle players possess. Integrity is abundant and worn comfortably. Engagement in the mission and vision of the business is absolute. Said simply, the fundamental building blocks for a successful business are derived from YOU.

Seek Advice When You Can Employ It

With the abundance of information out there, there is a readily available answer for just about anything. If others have succeeded, why not just do what they do? There is some value to this concept but unless YOU do things precisely as they did your result will not be the same; and it is highly unlikely that any two people will execute a process in exactly the same way. Before you go looking to others for answers, look first at the person in the mirror. After all, it is you not them, that is going to have to do the work.

Look Within

There is always the explanation that something or someone else created the problem. If it's homework – the dog ate it. If plans are ruined- it's the weather. When business is tough it's the economy, government… For sure, external factors do impact your business. The thing is it's up to you to deal with those factors. Are you doing all you can do? Be honest, are you spending precious time complaining about those external factors? Have you truly considered your own role? I know I have not always done that.

Be Realistic

Whatever your goals might be, let them be ambitious enough to motivate you and realistic enough not to frustrate or immobilize you. Those who set the bar very high are willing to accept the bumpy ride. They also know that they have the tenacity, the fire in the belly to live this way. But the truth is we are not all constructed that way. Your truth and mine are not one in the same. To be realistic means being able to accept your truth, to embrace that which is possible for you. It cannot be measured by the truths of others, no matter how much inspiration or motivation they may provide.

Building a successful business is a complex process yet it is based upon a very simple, very fundamental principle. The foundation of a successful business is YOU.

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2 responses on “THE Secret to Small Business Success Revealed

  1. Another great post, Ed. I agree with getting your house in order before anything else. You're right if you aren't anchored, then everything else can be overwhelming. I see many people with good ideas but not much behind them. Good ideas and goals are only the starting point to running a business long term.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jen. In my experience a lot of people skip the personal prep and dive right in. I can understand why- eager to get at it and all that but a little patience and sorting goes a long way.

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