cheapofficialjerseys The Price of Connectivity | E&D Associates and 1>1 The ability to be immediately and constantly connected feeds our need for immediate gratification, but at what cost? The human body benefits from down-time; an opportunity to refresh the batteries as it were. With the host of modern day connectivity options literally flashing before us, it’s a wonder that we have time anymore for replenishing ourselves.

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I mean come on, 79% of surveyed business people report that they check their e-mail in the bathroom? Whatever happened to bringing along some light reading or maybe a little time for some introspection? Have we relinquished the need for rest and relaxation?

I am one of those who has limits- I confess, any more connectivity and my head might explode. It was only 4 years ago I got my first cell phone and good luck trying to reach me on it. So, tell me- am I all alone in my thoughts? Is there anyone else out there who is overwhelmed by the magnitude of connectivity?

4 responses on “The Price of Connectivity

  1. Way too connected!
    Way too many ways to be interrupted from productivity or rest and relaxation!
    One of the ways I definitely disconnect is when I travel. If I am not in the office, I am disconnected, especially if I am driving.
    Ed, how do you ensure disconnect time?

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    You are talking to a guy who got his first cell phone 4 years ago Daniel. I am not kidding but honestly for me the answer is simple. I acknowledge that I have limited band-width. I believe in the science that has shown that despite what we like to think, we humans cannot in fact, multi-task. In other words I listen to myself; when I hear myself saying that's enough then that's it!

  3. Tim Hayes says:

    Hi Ed,
    Being 100% available to everyone 100% of the time does not increase your value to the people you serve.
    In fact, being somewhat hard to get actually increases your perceived value.
    It's a tricky marketing position but one that can be very successful.
    We all need down time–I agree 100%.

  4. Ed Drozda says:

    Say Tim, not only does "real-time" "all the time" connectivity reduce our value to others. Sometimes it just plain wears us out. I suspect you are like me- you are far more productive on a full tank than on empty.

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