The Path of Least Resistance; Great for electricity, but for business?

Whether you hail from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or not, you are probably familiar with our stance on same-sex marriage. You may not however, have heard of the vote in the legislature to put this matter back on the public ballot. A few years back one of our state representatives created a few headlines when he reversed his position in the eleventh hour and voted against bringing this topic back to the court of public opinion.

His change of heart was attributed to his evolving clarity. After taking a long hard look at himself, the people around him and the potential impact of the vote, he concluded he had no choice but to vote against returning the matter to the ballot. What followed was an abundance of support and a fair amount of derision. One thing is certain- this leader did not let politics sway his conviction.

The world in which we live is a very busy, ever-changing place. Survival depends upon our ability to remain on our feet, sense the pulse of the marketplace and respond accordingly; in short we must change with the tide or be swept away by it. It’s common sense, right?

Of course it is but

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