The Gifts I Bestow Provide Immeasurable Reward

"Helping"Guest Blogger, Patti Avin on the first law of The Go-Giver the "Law of Value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment."

I’ve always known, since I was a young child, that "giving" is powerful. I remember when I had a lemonade stand my father encouraged me to donate a portion of my profits to a worthy cause. Sometimes it was to a homeless person on the street, sometimes to a charity event at school, and sometimes to my mother so she could buy my favorite ice cream. Of course, the ice cream was the best worthy cause of all!! As I matured my heart always told me to HELP others. I was usually the first to volunteer for everything. As a Brownie and then a Girl Scout I had many opportunities to help others and "make a difference".

When I first entered the work force I remember everyone telling me to make as much money as I could. To me, however, it was more important to be in a position that allowed me to connect to people and feel that I was making a difference. In 2004 a good friend of my sister’s was suffering from kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant to survive. At the time, it just seemed to me to be a "no brainer." Here’s an opportunity to help someone so I should just do it!! I’m happy to report the transplant was a huge success and everyone’s doing fine. I can’t put into words how it feels to save someone’s life!

In 2009 I was a corporate executive and although I was making a very nice income, I was very unhappy. I realized there were more years behind me than ahead of me and I wanted desperately to make my future years more meaningful. I resigned from my corporate position and researched opportunities that were more purposeful. I found Tutor Doctor, which is a franchise based out of Toronto, Canada. I connected to the Tutor Doctor values and mission of helping to make a difference in someone’s life by building their confidence and helping them reach their academic goals. My goal, when I bought the franchise, was to help students who are motivated and committed to doing well but do not have the financial means to get the individualized support they may need.

To date my Tutor Doctor Franchise has helped over 200 students. I am not earning anywhere near the salary I had, nor do I ever expect to, that I earned when I was in a corporate atmosphere, but I can honestly say I am happier and more content than I have been for over 10 years. The continued support I have from family and friends is invaluable. The rewards are much greater than any paycheck.

Avin is the Owner/Operator for Tutor Doctor Rhode Island. She moved to Rhode
Island from Long Island to be closer to her children and grandchildren. She was
drawn to Tutor Doctor’s commitment and values to help students attain their
goals and build self-confidence. One-on-one in-home tutoring is the most
beneficial method to maximize results. In-home tutoring saves parents time
while coordinating with their schedule and availability. Please call Patti at 401-626-6122 to arrange a
She can determine what tutoring support is required and suggest the best plan
to assist the student.

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