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here Small Business and The Presidential Election

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Whether you are a democrat, republican or otherwise, I imagine you are wondering what sort of impact the presidential election will have on your small business. For me, the answer is not much. I suppose that sounds blasphemous or perhaps just plain naive but here's why I feel this way.

orlistat without prescription The status-quo of politics is here to stay; regardless of who is in charge, change will not come easy. This country has all the grace of a super-tanker. A super-tanker with a Captain and Co-Captain, 535 first mates who confer (or not) on every detail of the navigation and in excess of 314 million folks who are clamoring to go which ever way they want to go at the time. WOW! The sheer magnitude of it makes my eyes water. 

But small business is not about government; sure there are many obstacles to small business and many of them are mediated by the government, but maybe it's time we quit the whining, take stock of what we have and who we are and exert some of that true grit that our fore-fathers relied upon. After all, small business is about the ingenuity, hard work and commitment of individuals like you and me- we should be spending our time doing what we can do rather than hopping on the wagon and insisting that someone else owes us something. Sure, its not easy- was it supposed to be?

Small business is a powerful economic engine and we as small business owners are best equipped to demonstrate this. Our strength lies in our individual contributions and this is something we can be proud of. 

In November a President will be installed, whether for a second or first term. He will be trusted with the task of pleasing 314 plus million people and he may or may not have the cooperation of his first mates. Our task is much more reasonable and the power to achieve our goals is much more securely in our hands. That is if we elect to pursue it.

2 responses on “Small Business and The Presidential Election

  1. Interesting point and one that I've wondered about myself.
    The economy is important, and I am glad that there are experts thinking about how to steer that super tanker safely. We want smart people thinking about how to set up the best conditions possible for the most people possible. More customers in the pool! Hooray for that!
    But I'm aware that my business is not yet reaching the tiniest fraction of potential customers that are already out there. We are not even a blip on their radar!
    However, when I think about what we have to do to grow, I am aware that it is more like swishing around on my Sunfish. The economy is more like the wind. It is going to be what it is going to be. What we are doing is maneuvering through whatever we've got. I do have the tiller and the main sheet (possibly that would be the main spread-sheet! Ha!) I am in charge as skipper of my little vessel, even if we sometimes risk the occasional capsize. *splash*
    Anyway, it is an encouraging thought!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Catherine, thanks for putting it so poignantly. I appreciate how you said you are reaching a fraction of whom you want to reach- for this we must look to ourselves. Buying is a matter of economics but reaching a prospective buyer is completely within our control. If we focused more attention on doing what we can do versus what someone else is not doing for us…

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