Selling- Easy As Good, Better, Best

"MadeSelling, you love it or you hate it but one thing is certain if you own a business- YOU HAVE TO DO IT! This topic has spawned more programs and how-to guides than just about anything else out there. It's also a great conversation starter- whether or not you like to sell, how you do it, how you make it work. Oh yeah, everybody talks about selling.

For all of it's drama, selling can be a pretty easy thing to do and recently I heard of a technique that simply floored me with its simplicity and its sincerity. I have no way of knowing if this is a common place practice but I could not resist sharing it. Let me start by thanking my friend Roger Magalhaes of Shades in Place. To say that Roger is an artisan and a craftsman who creates and installs the ideal window treatments is an understatement. But Roger is also the one who introduced me to the concept of good, better, best selling. Let's just put it in his words:

"GOOD Option (via email)

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