Romneyhood Versus Obamaloney- Does Anybody Win?

The battle for the most coveted prize in American politics is heating up and by heating up I mean it's getting down-right nasty. If it was only the contenders in the ring it would be vicious enough but fans on both sides are throwing their weight in and we are now in the midst of a brouhaha of unprecedented magnitude.

This is not however a political post, roast or enticement. My intent is to suggest we step back from the mud-slinging and vitriol and ask a very simple, but profoundly important question. Does the behavior both in and outside the ring serve a genuine good purpose? When all is said and done, does anybody really win, when the game is played this way?

Competition such as this is rampant in the business world. It's not enough to promote the"Bologna"
good things we have- a dose of deprecation of our competitors is often a big part of the plan. Is our best simply not good enough? Is it really possible that our merits alone are insufficient to convince our customers that we are good enough?

I have read that negative campaiging works, but despite all the reasons I have heard to explain it, I just don't get it. Call me old-fashioned (I admit I've been around for a while but if what you have to offer is not of interest to me, there is no amount of stomping on your competitor that will convince me to change my mind.

2 responses on “Romneyhood Versus Obamaloney- Does Anybody Win?

  1. mary mcdonald says:

    I especially do not like the hateful facebook posts from "friends". Having facebook friends and posting on facebook regularly is a big part of my laughter yoga business. But I will never understand how supposedly good people feel so free to malign and spread hate. It just serves no purpose other than to polarize us further.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Mary, I share your sentiments. Business, politics, you name it, we are polarizing ourselves at an alarming rate. I really don't see how this can be a good thing. Instead of regurgitating unsubstantiated material, instead of getting on the "bad-wagon" because we can (and be essentially anonymous as well), how about a few leaders who preach real solutions, who understand that in hope there is possibility. A lot more useful (and yes, courageous) course- any takers?

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