Publish a Book to Promote Your Business

Guest Blog
by Connie Dunn

Publish a book to promote your business. There are three basic ways to use a book as a leveraging point in your business. The first is to publish a free e-book to give away when people sign up for your mailing list. It works to attract people to sign up, because they need the information in your "free book." This book should have content, but it should not be the sum total of the knowledge that you impart to your clients or customers. You can also have this book printed at one of the on-demand printer publishers so that you can use it as a business card at networking events.

The" Business Card" book is a good marketing tool when networking, because while people will throw out business cards, they tend to give away a book or keep it around. This means your marketing lives longer on someone’s shelf or desk!

The second promotional book is referred to as a "First Encounter." It is a good tool for getting leads. The focus of this sort of book is to take one problem for which you solve and write about that topic. To get the most from this sort of e-book (either .pdf or Kindle, etc.) put in links to articles and other material, such as audio recordings, videos, or interviews on your Website. Sell this book for a low price, such as $5. Asking people to pay for this book, raises its credibility. Make sure to title the book in a way that it is obvious what problem it will solve!

The third type of promotional book is one that positions you as a "LEADER!" This book gives you the credentials that you need to move to the top of your industry. The topic in this sort of book needs to be the core or "signature" of your business. Since this book deals with the very cornerstone of what you do, it needs to be a longer book (up to 300 pages) and should sell at $20/book. This can be an e-book or a print book or offered in both formats. You should invest enough time and money in creating this book that it not only has compelling content but a selling cover, as well. This book should exude professionalism.


2 responses on “Publish a Book to Promote Your Business

  1. Walt Barrett says:

    It Works, we have done it for years with our product

  2. Thanks for the affirmation Walter. I am glad to hear this is working for you- I am sure my Guest Blogger will be delighted as well. Keep it going.

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