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buy Seroquel where Public Relations/ Marketing buy accutane online Mark Berger, Principal of Berg’s Eye Communications in Cumberland, RI, specializes in public relations, media relations and marketing communications. He believes every company has a story to tell, and it is his job to get that product, service and/or event told to as many audiences as possible. He accomplishes that through using mainstream and social media outlets along with encouraging clients to speak with groups to further their messages. Mark works with many professionals in the fields of non-profit, healthcare, business, technology and sports.

Nancy Thomas, President of Tapestry Communications is a public relations and marketing professional with 25 years of proven success in full service communications. Nancy customizes each project to the needs of the client. “Own your story….own your success” is her approach and mantra. A tapestry is composed of individual threads woven together with skill and creativity to make a rich and unique whole. Tapestry Communications helps you tell your story in just this way, whether it is a branding campaign, logo & graphic design, web and social marketing, or speaking points, advertising, product launch, or special event, each project is an important element in creating your unique whole.