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buy Pregabalin uk Did You Hear What I Think I Said?

Previously I talked about how people in authority are DIFFERENT than the rest of us ( buy Pregabalin 300 mg uk Do You Know What Kind of Effect You Have On Me?). That is, what they say, the way they act and how they are viewed is scrutinized more carefully than the rest of us. Communication is tricky enough but this so called "executive amplification" can make it real tough to get your message across. What's a boss to do?

You have to start somewhere; to some extent, it is what it is. Think of the "God grant me the serenity" mantra. You can't change human behavior but you can work with it. Do whatever you can to deliver your message clearly and constructively. As for seeking perfection- know that is a goal to strive for, but don't be afraid to accept reality. There are some things you simply have to accept. Knowing your limitations on this one will make the task a lot easier.

When is the last time you took an inventory of the role that your employees play in the operation of your company? Said another way- what would you do if they were not there? Since you cannot do it alone, why not level the playing field? You and your employees are striving to achieve a common goal- building and maintaining a successful business. As the one in charge you may have a lot more things to think about than your employees but like you, they are human too. It never hurts to let them know that you see yourself that way. A great leader does not view power and aloofness as an asset. A great leader is comfortable with his/her strengths and weaknesses. Let your team know that you are playing with them, not that they are playing for you.

Finally, I suggest you encourage openness and lead by example. Openness breeds communication, and inspires creativity and opportunity. A culture of openness is rich in idea sharing, highly in tune to problem resolution and one that capitalizes on the most important asset in any business- its people.

There are times when the mystique of being the boss comes in handy. But if you are looking to have more control over the message you deliver to your employees, these tips are a great place for you to start.  

2 responses on “Did You Hear What I Think I Said?

  1. Chris Bond says:

    Agreed! This piece reminds me of one The Boston Globe did recently on CEO pay – the more times a CEO makes than his/her lowest paid employee, the worse he/she treats those so-called low-level types. If the common goal is there as you say – namely, building and maintaining a successful business – then this phenomenon should not exist! Keep up the good work.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Thanks Chris- indeed one cannot isolate his/her self in the ivory tower and expect everything will be great. Everyone plays a role and every role has a purpose.

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