False Scarcity Marketing- Bah Humbug!

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I received a similar e-mail yesterday. Today, I received the same e-mail again. I suppose they changed their minds. Who do they think they're kidding and what are they trying to prove?

Welcome to the world of false scarcity.

Before I begin I should point out that there are different forms of false scarcity. Diamonds are one such example; the gem stone is abundant in nature but due to hoarding by one of several cartels a false scarcity develops, leading to overly inflated prices and higher profits to the sellers. We are being duped but we are not being laughed at.

I make every effort to keep my posts informative and to promote possibility; that is, I try to keep an open mind and avoid being opinionated. Not this time!

It is the inane false scarcity tactics that make my blood boil. I feel as if I am being taken for a fool. Why would I want to do business with someone who thinks I cannot read the language or add 1 + 1? Tell me how I can be the millionth visitor to a web site day after day. Tell me how there can only be 100 books left today, tomorrow and next week too?

What happened to truth in advertising, good old fashioned integrity and calling it as it is? Are you, like me, fed up with this junk? Do you just laugh it off? Is it a technique you employ? It does not work for me- in pushes me away. If it does work for you I'd like to hear why yo do it and what it does for you. 

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