Money? Is That All?

"Images"We all dream about making tons of money and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you are starting a business and your sole motivation is to make tons of money, I suggest it’s time for a reality check. Sure, there are some people who have done it and in some cases it may appear to have been surprisingly easy. But, it requires A LOT of hard work and perhaps some good fortune to get there.

In order to make money (in any amount) you must work hard; you must provide/produce quality products and you deliver quality services. You must show a genuine interest in the people you depend upon (employees, vendors and customers). In short you must EARN that money.

I encounter a lot of folks who are blinded by monetary goals and have lost sight of the way in which it can be achieved. I’d like to share a few thoughts to illuminate the path to financial prosperity.

You First- The Rest Will Follow

Are you truly engaged in the process? Do you have the resources needed to bring your goals to fruition and the capacity to obtain the resources you do not possess? Are you prepared for and comfortable with the idea of set-backs? Can you accept there are some things over which you have no control?

The bottom line is this- get your own house in order first. Before the race begins, take all the time you need to KNOW that you are ready to go forward. Once the race begins it’s likely you will not appreciate just how important this is.

Make a Plan

Everyone knows about plans and how important they are in achieving goals, yet a surprising number of people choose not to make them, at least in a formal sense (i.e., something that can be followed).

I'm not talking about the dreaded business plan per se. My point is that you need a path to follow and a beacon to illuminate it. Once you have your own house in order, create a plan that you have the capacity to initiate successfully.  

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Beware of shiny objects and lofty goals and expectations. It truly amazes me when someone without an existing store-front is already talking about their second or third store. Sure, the more you have the more you can make but if you have not yet sorted out the fundamentals I suggest you step back and take a deep breath. Despite the fact that anything is possible, a dose of reality will serve you well.

If your plan is a good one, growth will be a far more natural progression. Oh and the money? That will be your reward for a job well planned and well done.

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