Lose the Mask. Be Real.

"BeWhether to play it safe or to be authentic is not only a concern for the politically inclined. President Barack Obama is thought to have made a bold move in this, an election year, when he professed his views on marriage equality. Regardless of his intent, whether he played it safe is a matter of which side of the debate you are on. If you agree with marriage equality he played it safe; if not, well…

We've all been vilified by those who don't see things as we do. Sometimes, rather than being genuine we disguise ourselves to appeal to others. Is it worth it? It's a matter of personal preference, but if the choice is to play it safe it's important to realize there is a cost.

1. You'll always be you- eventually it will catch up to you.
2. Being you is being your best- if you are less than your best what are you giving up?
3. Loyalty, respect and trust earned through misrepresentation is not genuine nor is it lasting.

Think about it!

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