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A father deftly juggles his home and business lives. His young daughter wants so much for her Daddy to attend her school Halloween parade. In the midst of a meeting, which he's presiding over, he informs his staff that he has an important matter to tend to and sets off to the school. Upon arrival Dad could see his daughter searching the faces for the one that mattered most. In the final moments of the parade she saw him- and she never stopped beaming or waving. When Dad showed the video to his wife she could not stop crying tears of joy.

Following a night in which many painful things that had to be said were said, a young man was deeply surprised by a call from his father. You see, his father was a man of strict protocol and the son knew that in order to make this call his father had walked out of a very important meeting. The purpose of the call was to say that all was understood and that everything was well between them.

For some of us it's a matter of "living to work" and for the rest it is "working to live." At the end of the day it can be difficult to separate life and work and surely most of us have experienced the blurring of the lines. But is there a right or wrong way to look at this?

I don't believe it is so much about right and wrong but it is a matter of priorities and priorities are meant to change. Sometimes work takes precedence and sometimes "life" takes precedence. There is no formula but there are a few things to keep in mind: '//SLeeP(3) EVERYTHING will pass- job, business, friends, family, you and me. What do you want to accomplish with each?

go to site SOME THINGS will happen only once- can you afford not to be in a particular place? Will you be content if you are not there?

NOBODY is indispensable in business- let's face it, business will go on without us, there will always be someone to fill the void. In family the same is not so true.

Incidentally, the stories above are true and I know the second one very well as the father was my own. For me, it was the beginning of a relationship I thought I would never have with my Dad, a moment when I learned something I never had experienced before.

Life or work, it's your call; choose carefully.

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