Life in the Balance

"Balanced-life-goals"For several of the final years of my Dad's life we enjoyed a weekly lunch at a local restaurant. At the time, it was an opportunity to get to know each other in a way we never had before. There was no pretense, no agenda, just simply the chance to talk to and learn about each other. I continue the tradition to this day; it is an opportunity for me to relax and to visit with friends I have come to know there. This is among the places I go to replenish myself. Periodic replenishment is a key ingredient in my recipe for a balanced life.

Balanced life? Replenishment? In this rush-rush world, balanced life and replenishment are more important than ever but for many of us they are exceptionally elusive as well. Nobody needs to be reminded of how busy they are or of how that 'busy-ness' affects us and those around us. But hey! Would you fly on an airline that does not regularly service their aircraft? Would you repeatedly do business in a place where employees are cranky, indifferent and unenthusiastic?

Without periodic replenishment you and I can easily become as worrisome as that airline or as undesirable as the staff in that fictitious business. And the people around us are sure to notice! Make time for you; it really is worth it.

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