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Kudos for The Go-Giver

"TheGo-Giver-bookcover-thumb"Written in 2007, follow The Go-Giver is the highly acclaimed story of an ambitious young "go getter" who learns that success is far more nuanced than what one reads in how to books. Co-authors Bob Burg and John David Mann seamlessly take our hero as well as us the readers on a journey of discovery, possibility and unimaginable success.

The power of the lessons shared and learned in this book has long influenced the way I live my own life, professionally and personally. This inspiration is so powerful that I have reached out to trusted colleagues and friends to hear how the 5 laws presented in this book have played a role in their lives. Over the next five weeks you will hear from each of them:

Week 1: Patti Avin of Tutor Doctor of Rhode Island, Value

Week 2: Ed Drozda of E & D Associates, Compensation

Week 3: Mike O'Brien of The Technology Advisory Group, Influence

Week 4: Mike Halperin of Halperin Consulting, Authenticity

Week 5: Alicia Williams of Aliste Internet Marketing, Receptivity

I encourage you to read the book; I believe you too will find it a powerful and meaningful read that will profoundly impact the way you look at business. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not extend my gratitude to Bob Burg and John David Mann. Thank you Bob and John for this amazing book and all that it has done for so many. Even more, thank you for the ways in which you live it.

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