Kindness AND Lobster… Simply WOW!

They "106" weighed in at a plump 1.75 lbs and they sure did satisfy our lobster cravings. But when we walked out of this place I had lots more than a full belly. I can never get enough of quality customer service and a gal named Erin knows just how to deliver.

If you are a native of or visitor to New England you probably know that we have some really great lobster here. It is a tradition to trap them, admire them (in the tank), cook them (this is the point where we usually name them too) and then of course eat them, sticky hands and all.

The kitchen staff at Roy Moore's Fish Shack Restaurant in Rockport, MA know just how to cook 'em too. Right down to the absolutely coolest thing I have ever experienced with a boiled whole lobster- they placed a slice in the tail and the claws so that the 'cracker' (you know, the claw jaws or shell breaker) sat idle. I was able to handle my lobster bare-handed and I have the EXTRA hand-wipes to prove it.

My hat is off to the kitchen staff, but even great food can be less tasty when the service is undercooked. The difference between genuine service and going through the motions is not lost on me. Our server, Erin, is a classic example of what I view as genuine customer service. Behind that smile was a genuine interest in making our experience enjoyable and complete. It does not require an advanced degree in rocket science to know when someone really is being authentic.

Customer service is a very important matter for anyone in business; it can and does make the difference between success and failure, sustainability and burn-out. I am not advocating smiles for the sake of smiles- most of us can read that from far away. I am talking about the real deal here- if you have a genuine interest in treating your customers well, just do it. If you are on the fence about whether or not it works, consider this- I am writing this blog because it meant that much to me.

Many thanks to all the staff at Roy Moore's Fish Shack Restaurant, especially Erin and Mary and to my wife and in-laws for your fun company and for putting up with my gushing.

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