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You're in the middle of a senior executive presentation; there’s tension in the air. Amidst discussion about production targets and external threats, there comes a loud tapping at the windows behind you. The tapping stops, discussion continues but then at a particularly sensitive moment, the tapping resumes with a vengeance! The suspense is killing you, so with apologies to your audience you excuse yourself and retract the curtains. The sight is more than your audience can bear; the laughter in the second floor boardroom grows to a crescendo as tears roll down the faces of the attendees.

There, standing nearly four feet tall is an exceptionally narcissistic male turkey. The windows are glazed so he can’t see you but you know for sure he sees himself. When the laughter dies down (and thankfully the tapping as well), the mood in the room is decidedly more cordial. It’s almost as if someone opened a pressure-relief valve. In fact, in a way that’s just what happened.

This is a true story; I could not have scripted it if I wanted to. But it does underscore the profound impact that laughter can provide wherever we are; yes, even in the workplace!

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4 responses on “Just Ask a Turkey- Laughter is Good for Business!

  1. Fabulous blog post! As a certified laughter yoga teacher, I can vouch for the power of sustained laughter to change a person's brain chemistry, alleviate stress, improve relationships and foster teamwork and creativity. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Every business should have a trained laughter yoga specialist to lead weekly, or even daily, laughter sessions for their employees. Thank you, Ed, for this timely and informative post.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Mary, there truly is nothing like laughter to lift, inspire and free our creative and healthy selves. If your workplace is suffering from laughterenia (enia means diminished or lesser amount of something) The Small Business Doctor prescribes Laughter Yoga. For more information go to http//

  3. Rufus Evison says:

    Two eggs in a saucepan…
    1st Egg: Cor it's hot in here.
    2nd Egg: Bloody hell a talking egg!
    Teams, as opposed to work groups, have in jokes. They are a way of bonding and lead to a much more effective atmosphere. There is research to show this but I leave you to find it.

  4. Ed Drozda says:

    I love the joke Rufus- especially the "bloody hell" piece (reminds me of a great friend in Scotland). As for the research- I am familiar with it and it is irrefutable. Laugh and everybody wins.

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