Is Work Stressing You Out?

"Stress"Chest pain, palpitations, jaw pain- got your attention? OK, how about this- insomnia, difficulty focusing, loss of enthusiasm. Any of these can be a symptom of a possibly serious medical condition. Moreover, each is a symptom of over indulgence in work! There are few among us that would deny experiencing work related stress at some time. Of even greater concern is that stress can lead to serious health conditions. Is it possible we are working ourselves into poor health, shortened life spans and early-death? Maybe so, but we do have some choice.

For purposes of discussion let’s say stress is a physiological response to factors external to the person (an abundantly simplified explanation). Viewed in this way, we have two mechanisms to deal with stress- avoidance and management.

Stress Avoidance-

In a classic Three Stooges episode, Curly complains to the doctor that it hurts when he

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