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"AverageI am not trying to belittle myself; I would rate myself between an 8 and 9 depending upon what the metric is. But when you first meet me I hope you will give me the benefit of the doubt and consider me average all around (well not quite like the guy next door describes it).

Tastylia Australia I don't know about you but I consider myself a pretty observant sort, a good judge of character and all that stuff. In fact, I have been told I really am pretty good at that sort of thing but I have been known to take that knack for granted. Shortly after I meet someone they are either a friend for life or someone whom I hope not to see again anytime soon. They are in effect either a 1 or a 10; that is of course until I get to know them. That's when a 10 can become a 1, a 1 a 10 and every permutation in between. Despite my best effort to rush the process (that really is not my intent, but it seems that way sometimes) it's just not useful to "judge a book by its cover." The potential cost is simply too great.

I'd like to give credit to my friend and fellow business owner Chris Bond for the concept of the "5". The idea is this: when you meet someone ascribe the rating of 5- smack dab in the middle, destined to be neither friend nor foe. For the time being they are truly an open book, a clean slate. Makes sense, after all you don't know them at all- YET! 

While I had never heard it described this way, I had learned some time ago how important this is. Too often I have back-pedaled when realizing how my zest to assume I knew someone was trumped by the person I eventually came to know. Starting in the middle makes it much easier to see the WHOLE person, not just that which you THINK they are at first blush.

So, when you meet me think of me as a 5. After you get to know me, whether you see me as a 1 or a 10, at least we both had the opportunity to learn more about each other.

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