If You Want It- Ask for It!

When I set out to start this blog I had a couple of ideas in mind: 1) it would give folks a glimpse into the way I think (on the hope they'd want to work with me), 2) I wanted to inspire people to think, 3) I hoped to share information that would be useful or that would give rise to ideas that had not been explored before and finally 4) I hoped to engage in a conversation with people (feedback, comments and such). 

The conversation piece is important to me and I admit, in part, it reflects my hope that people are reading and finding value in what I present. OK, what I am trying to say is that I want to KNOW that people are reading and finding value. But this is more than me being needy- this is about knowing that I am of value. How many times have you worked your butt off and felt that the only one who noticed is you? It doesn't squelch your desire to perform but it is something that brings you great satisfaction. Right?

Well, so here I am, whether I am asking for affirmation (being needy) or convinced that the Internet is failing me- I am asking for your feedback. What do you think of what I am doing and what are you looking for?

That was easy, right? Oh, please don't forget to let me know.

2 responses on “If You Want It- Ask for It!

  1. I enjoy the Water Trough. It is short! and practical and reinforces what I already know or just have not had a conversation about with anyone. I like to read things that validate my feelings because I am needy in the validation department! Aren't we all, to some degree? In every "business" seminar I've been to, speed mentoring, how to use facebook, branding, etc., it always all boils down to what is the emotion that is standing in my way. Whenever I go to a networking event, the most meaningful conversations that I have with people is our collective "aha" moments when we've discovered what emotional issues are preventing us from reaching our full potential. If I was writing a small business/coaching blog, that is what I would focus on.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Thanks Mary; it is the touch feely things we most often overlook but truth be told, it is those very things that block us as you say. If I can inspire someone to think just a little harder and move beyond that sticking spot I have achieved my goal.

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