I Wish That I Had Told You


A friend recently shared a story about his son, who had a couple of teachers in high school who did a great job of preparing him for college. By itself, that's not surprising at all but what is surprising (and in my opinion, very cool) is the fact that his son took the time to let these teachers know how he felt. Imagine what an amazing feeling it must have been for these teachers to hear what an impact they made in the life of one of their students?

Hearing this story got me to wondering, how often do we let people know how much we appreciate the good things they do for us? Well, we all know the story about how if we have a bad experience we tell 20 people but when we have a good one, we tell far less people about it. The reason for these things is beyond me but this I do know- letting folks know we appreciate them is one of the most powerful things we can do and yes indeed it can impact the success of your business as well.

Why Does It Matter?

It matters because people want to feel appreciated. It's not that we do good things solely for the sake of attribution but let's face it, it's important to us to be recognized. When you hold that door for someone, it sure does make you feel good when the recipient of the good deed says thanks. Right? It's human nature,  we like to feel valued, we like to feel as if we can make a difference. Plain and simple it matters A LOT!

Why Hold Back?

If you are grateful why hold it back? It's not going to do you any good to keep it to yourself. Your kind words may be just what it takes to make someone's day or even more. Positivity breeds more of the same so why not do something that makes everyone a winner?

Sincerity Matters Too

Praise and appreciation can't be overdone as long as you are sincere. Sure, too much of a good thing is possible but if you are sincere, there's no amount of praise and appreciation that's going to go to waste. If you really feel it, the recipient will know it.

Letting people know that you appreciate the things they have done and said is the gateway to many opporunities. Too few of us take the time to say the little things that we ourselves would love to hear. It doesn't take much effort to do it and when you do you will find that what goes around comes around. After the opporunity has passed, do you really want to be thinking I wish that I had told you?

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  1. Ralph Arguin says:

    Right on! This article, simply, says it all.

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