I Have a Life- Work is Just One Part of It!

OK, work is a big part of my life and there is no doubt I have to work to live. But there are times I think the idea of work has taken on a life of it's own. I must admit, I know a lot of folks for whom work governs their lives. How about you? Are you one of them?

Since when has work become an entity that exists independent of our lives? When I go to work I bring my life with me. Yeah, I have heard the stories- leave it at home, school, wherever. Who are they kidding? Try as I might I could not take the "me" (read: my life) out of my work. Honestly, I have no desire to try either. That which makes me, or anyone for that matter a "good worker" goes far beyond what happens in the workplace. I am a complex being (please keep the laughter to a minimum) and everything I do is the result of the interaction of the many elements that comprise me.

No wonder so many people find work to be a stressful aspect of their lives. They are being asked to ignore very important aspects of their being. Work more hours, accept less gratitude, forgo starting a family, relocate to far-away places, fulfill the needs of everyone else; expectations like these, subtle or blunt are delivered every day.

As work takes on a life of it's own we think we owe it (or it deserves) special attention. Is it possible we'll ever learn to rein in this runaway steed? All of us, regardless of title or status are given a finite period in which to live our lives. I am not sure about you but I for one am committed to doing the finest work I can do while always being sure to keep work where it belongs- as a part of my life among many others.

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