About The Water Trough

Welcome to ‘The Water Trough.’ We can’t make you drink but we will make you think 

The trough is full so step on up and take a drink (if you want to). You’ve heard the old saying- "you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink"; well, we're taking a slightly different view on that and we're calling all small business people, whether you are an owner, an owner wannabe, working in small business or working with small business.

The goal here at The Water Trough is to:

  • promote the exchange of ideas to enhance small business success and…
  • increase awareness by stimulating conversation on topical matters that impact small business

We will strive to do this by providing posts that will make you think and that will challenge conventional philosophy. Nobody has ever succeeded at making positive change without first questioning the current state of events.

Now that you have found The Water Trough, be sure to subscribe and share the word with the people you know! 



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