Happy New Year

It is that time of year, time for reflection, goal setting and affirmation of accomplishments and short-comings. The following was excerpted from a Christmas message I received from Mark Deion, President of Deion Associates and Strategies, Inc., a firm offering strategic planning and business development. His message is poignant; his words are inspiring and full of hope and possibility. I honestly could not have conceived of a more fitting message to leave with you at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.

My hope for each of you is that you will have the time and take the time in your busy lives to reflect upon all the opportunity that you have been given. Treat each day as if it were your only day. Look upon your business as a part of rather than the whole of your life.

"I have many friends across the country and across the
globe. Many of them I will never see again. Some of them I have
been, or, will be lucky enough to do something "radical" with… that
disobedient childlike thing. But, at the end of the day… each and
every experience with all of my friends is something that is forever locked in
my memory like it was just yesterday… and I cherish each and every one of
those memories.

 "For me, as I grow older, the physical frailties seem to present themselves more and more often. The bones and joints ache more, the strengths are reduced, the limping is increased, and my college buddy who is my PCP tells me that I am getting older. All a part of life I guess. It’s kind of funny… I find myself limping through the yard and the gardens much like I remember my Grandmother doing. Funnier yet, however much it hurts, you know you need to go out and take care of the gardens, after all, if you don’t, who will? And the thing is this, when you’re out there, no cable, no phones, no cell, no computer, no TV, no anything, and Jake the Cat is walking around in the yard as well, so are all of those friends who have always been with you, because the flowers and the grass and the sky and the air are all there to tell you what life is all about. And, I sit on the grass, pet Jake in my lap, and maybe a butterfly flies by, or a bird, or maybe nothing, and I am in everything at that moment. There are no apps or any "smart phones" for this. This is life, and there are no apps for life. There is only the living of life, and if you don’t go/get there, you will miss the best experience ever. I know what it is like to feel the beach sand between my toes, the waves licking up around my ankles, or, the dew covered grass between my toes, or, the snow on my bare feet as I stand on the deck watching the sunrise. It is refreshing to stand outside in the cold in my bathrobe as the wind lashes my face and my body; it is a reminder that I am alive. And I am grateful for that opportunity."

Happy New Year to all

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