Dogs, Bottle Caps and Dreams- Oh My!

"DSC00236"Many of the greatest success stories of all time are the result of an unfilled need or a whimsical notion. Witness the story of Paul Mann, the founder of Fetch! Pet Care. Once a corporate CEO, Paul found himself in need of a reliable pet-sitter and when he came up short he started a service to provide reliable walking and sitting for pets. Today, Fetch! Pet Care is the largest pet sitting and dog walking franchise in the country. (source)

Paul is not alone; take for example the 15 year old from Dallas TX who recently appeared on Shark Tank. Her company, m3 Girl Designs produces a bottle cap based fashion product called Snap Caps. The company has earned in excess of $5 million in the last five years.

Are you thinking yeah, it works for some but not for me? Sort of like winning the lottery you say? OK, it takes more than an idea to breathe this rarified air but one thing is for certain- it all begins with an idea. When is the last time you let your imagination run wild? Seriously, or is it that you are too serious, when is the last time you explored what is possible rather than what is necessary, or that which is most certainly within reach?

The message is simple- imagination is the key to discovery; discovery is the gateway "Images"
to possibility; possibility is the precursor of great things. No matter how great or small your goals may be it is one step before the next and you will not achieve those goals unless you begin the journey.

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