Do You Know What Kind of Affect You Have On Me?

Are you a business leader, manager or owner? Have you ever wondered just what kind of affect you have on your subordinates? Yeah, I realize you expect them to follow your requests, remain productive and maintain the company line. But do you have any idea just how much impact you have on your valuable employees? Did you know that some of that impact may actually undermine those very things you are trying to accomplish?

A colleague recently sent me a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal; check it out here: Bosses' Small Gestures Send Big Signals. Try as they might, people in authority are DIFFERENT than the rest of us. Are we supposed to laugh at their jokes? Is it OK to be chummy when they seem to open up to us? The answer to these questions of course lies with the individual authority.

But more important still is that a "person in charge" has to be aware that what they say, how they act and how they are viewed is scrutinized more carefully than everyone else. The consequence of being unaware of this "executive amplification" can be significant. Here is a case where an abundance of communication exists yet not a word (or very few) is spoken. 

So, do you know what kind of affect you have on your valuable employees? What's your executive amplification IQ (EAIQ)? Next time, we'll take a look at some ways to boost your EAIQ and to help you to ensure that the intended message is being delivered.  

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    Look forward to hearing part 2

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