Did You Miss Me?

"WhoIt has been two weeks since my last blog post so I am wondering if you missed me. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder so I can only hope that you appreciate me more now than before.

It's really not about missing me or about appreciating me more (though I hope both apply). It's really about this thing called a touchpoint. That's when somebody like me, the writer, makes a point of contact with you, the reader. Of course it can be done in many ways but its all about making contact and making yourself, your product or your service known and ultimately, selling it.

The number of touchpoints required to successfully convey your message can be  staggering. Some advocate repeating the message weekly then daily as we build to a crescendo. Others suggest a minimum of 7-20 touches is required before you can say you have "done your best." In this era of technology, it may not be a big deal to produce and deliver this barage of information…


If you are the one delivering the information you sure do hope someone is listening but for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Is there anyone who can say they are not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information they receive daily? How many times have you systematically gone down the line and deleted e-mail after e-mail? I imagine that everyone of has and most of us do it regularly.

So how then do we effectively convey our message? Over the course of the next few weeks I will share some of my thoughts on the subject. Let me begin by going back to an old mainstay of mine- intent. Before you can begin a marketing campaign you must first be very clear on what you intend to accomplish; not only the end point (e.g. to sell something) but the means by which you intend to get there.

For example, my intent is to draw in new clientele through this blog as well as to inspire people to think in ways they may not have before. That is, my intent is to sell my services and to inspire possibility. I intend to accomplish this by sharing the way I view elements of the world, be it business or personal. In short it is my intent that readers will get to "know me." Once they do they may be more likely to reach out to learn how I can help them and more inclined to read me again for further inspiration.

So, did you miss me? I sure hope so and I can tell you one thing for sure. I will be back next week.

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