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buy generic Lyrica india Customer Service Matters- Even When the Customer Says No

For those of you who have followed my writing for awhile you may recall I have experienced my share of customer service gone bad buy accutane cheap (When the Seller Becomes a Stalker). You also know that I go out of my way to give credit where credit is due ( buy modafinil online sun pharma A Tale of Two Eateries- It's Not Just About the Food!) . Here again is an example of a customer service class act. The lessons learned here apply to any business, large or small.

Good customer service is one of those things I can never get too much of. Take the example of Noon Turf Care. The folks at Noon Turf Care contacted me a few months back and offered me a great deal on my lawn care service, which I accepted. I also have a mosquito control service (they do lawn care too) and that company made me a combined offer I could not refuse. I politely declined Noon's offer- I left a message because I admit I didn't want to argue about my choice. A day later I received a very polite phone call asking if there was anything Noon could do (or is there something they failed to do). The following day I received a very nice note acknowledging my decision and letting me know that Noon was here to serve me if I should ever choose to work with them.

It's not hard to see what the lesson here is. I am praising a company I chose not to do business with. Plain and simple- these people made me feel valued and respected. I am delighted to refer these folks. And you know what- I am completely confident that folks like this will do an incredible job with the services they offer.

If you wish to have a successful and sustainable business, keep in mind that it's not all about the sale. It's the service that counts. Even when the customer says no.

2 responses on “Customer Service Matters- Even When the Customer Says No

  1. Ed you are absolutely right. Customer service even when our customers say no is just as important as when they say yes. I loved the example of Noon because they get that. Think about it, you never would have written this post if they had given you bad customer service or never recontacted you. Now they've made a business advocate for themselves which is just as valuable as a customer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Thanks Jen but if they had provided poor service I actually would have called them out. Check out the link to When the Seller Becomes a Stalker. I do admit though I did not post the name of the stalker- very tempted to, but…

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