Curb the Enthusiasm

"Overly'Tom' is a highly motivated, entrepreneurial sort who has recently opened his first business. We met to explore whether or not a business coach could help him in his endeavors. Before long, he was talking about store-front #2 and #3. "I have tremendous vision" says he. "Let's take a good look at store-front #1" says I. Why do I feel like I am the one taking the wind out of his sails? This is a tough call to make and the last thing I want to do is tamp down somebody's enthusiasm.

I meet 'Tom' types all the time. Motivated, yes! Enthusiastic, yup, and sometimes that enthusiasm is way over the top. That's supposed to be a good thing, right? Well, it is to an extent but you must know when to slow down.

Look at it this way, store-front #2 and #3 are based upon the model created in store-front #1. If the model is yet to be created and assessed, how can you expect to go forward? It's all a matter of perspective. If someone is convinced that they can succeed, naturally they are looking ahead to what more they can do. If (and this is a BIG if) they can simultaneously expand whilst building the foundation- have at it! But for most of us this is not going to happen.

So, when you find yourself scratching the enthusiasm itch remember this: the here and now is the foundation on which the future is built. Call it an investment or perhaps a trial run. Either way by disciplining yourself to focus on the here and now, to give it your best shot, you have upped the odds that the present is just the beginning of your achievements.

2 responses on “Curb the Enthusiasm

  1. Jim Van says:

    My old boss used to say '4' not 40', regarding focus on the top first… While I have visions of opening location #651 in Minsk, I'm not going to get there till location #1 in Providence is in good working order.
    Of course, there's location #2 in West Palm to consider…
    Great points, Ed…enthusiasm & dreams are the fuel that keeps us entrepreneurs going, but a controlled orbit is necessary to make it to point B:)

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Thanks for writing Jim; you said it all. Never stop enthusing and dreaming.

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