Compensation- It's More Than Money

The second law of The Go-Giver, the Law of Compensation states: "Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them." Taken at face value it might seem that this is purely about "monetary" income. As I see it, this is only a part of the message meant to be conveyed.

It’s true that if you go strictly by the numbers, the more clients you provide quality service to, the greater your monetary gain is expected to be. It’s also true that if you provide quality service you will attract more people and that to some degree you thus have the ability to increase (at least to impact) your monetary gains. Providing mediocre service to the masses is not a recipe for sustainable success. There’s not a business person out there who would disagree that this is a viable, even vital consideration.

Looking at the other side, I invest considerable time and effort in cultivating relationships. This investment feeds my stream of paying clients. There is no question that compensation is monetary, but it’s so much more; it’s the impact of the body of work that begins, whenever I engage with someone. The time I invest is rewarded with valued relationships and with the satisfaction that I can and do make a difference in the lives of those I encounter.

The dollars and cents I earn are limited but the reward for making a difference is priceless. Consider this- every time you engage with someone you have the opportunity to make a difference; for me, it’s a conscious choice. Surely, not everyone I encounter will become a paying client, but in each and every instance I can do something worthwhile. The more people I engage with, the greater my opportunity to make a positive impact.

As a result of my choice to make a difference (regardless of the expected return), I increase my visibility and integrity and at the same time I increase my opportunities to serve more clients. While I do not have control over a persons’ decision to become a client I do have the means to create the most favorable environment in which this can occur. Client or not, the reward of making a difference is a form of compensation that never lets me down.

This is how the second law of The Go-Giver, the Law of Compensation plays out in my life. How about yours?

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