Buying/Selling Your Business- Are You Ready?

Part 5 in a 5 part series of an interview with Alan Rose and Chris Bond; Alan and Chris represent business buyers and sellers, respectively.


Ed: Last question for you. What role does mental and financial readiness play and of "Ghostrider3"
the two, which do you feel is the more crucial aspect?

Chris: This is a fun debate. If you make me pick one or the other, I’ll go with mental readiness. I think the emotional rollercoaster that people ride when preparing to sell or buy a business is the absolute crucial element to understand. I think people can find the money, or can justify things of a financial nature much more easily than they can from a mental, psychological, or emotional level.

Alan: I’m a hundred percent in agreement. There’s always a way to solve the financial issues, but there’s not much you can do if you’re not ready, or if you’re unprepared.

Ed: Would you say that you are there to support your clients in this process? Are you there to support your clients in trying to find this mental clarity, this peace of mind, this preparedness that they need to go forward?

Alan: That’s a primary focus of Yarmouth’s model, to operate in this arena in a relationship manner rather than a transaction manner.

Chris: We’d better be! We’re begging for trouble if we’re not.

Ed: I have to agree with you. It’s essential to be able to build the relationship, the trust. To be able to do what you’re doing here, either buying or selling a business, most certainly these things are absolutely essential. I want to thank each of you for the valuable information you provided.

Alan and Chris: And thank you as well Ed.


Alan Rose, Yarmouth Venture Group

Yarmouth Venture Group engages with business managers who have proven leadership capabilities and the desire to achieve a majority ownership stake in a business they will operate. Our firm is positioned to be uniquely qualified to provide expertise and guidance throughout the difficult tasks of finding and acquiring the right company, the right way, and then successfully operating that company.

Chris Bond, Murphy Business

Murphy Business is a business brokerage firm that helps its clients value, sell and buy businesses. With six offices in New England, Murphy’s growing team prides itself on practicing its unifying mission: to assist businesspeople through incomparably fair, honest and expedient service. Murphy’s partners network tirelessly on their client’s behalf in an effort to consummate the best deal possible.

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