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enter site Guest blogger, Alicia Williams on the fifth law of buy prednisone steroids The Go-Giver, the "Law of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

"Wxr"As a business owner, an entrepreneur, idea driven and a creative woman, The Law of Receptivity makes me ponder at how I apply it to my growing my own business. In 2008, I knew that to be truly successful in my own right I needed to pursue my dream of building a business. Without investors and with zero clients I took the leap of faith and opened the doors to operating a marketing company, Aliste Internet Marketing. I wanted to grow something that truly made a difference for other businesses. With a vision and perseverance I set out into the business world to make things happen. Believe me when I say, "It didn't happen overnight." In fact, it took long days of working and attending endless networking events to build the company to what it is today with a dedicated team of inspiring people.

During those endless days networking and meeting people, I was listening, questioning, reflecting and noting everything people were saying. At times the ability to take advice, feedback and comments were difficult. However, I took those pieces and stuffed them into my business tool belt where I would use them to grow both professionally and personally.

To me the Law of Receptivity is truly a piece of advice that I spread among all entrepreneurs, professionals and students. Being open to receiving both good and bad comments, allowed me to reach into that tool belt and pull out the right tool for building the foundation of my business.

The day I wanted to start my business I asked one of my professors, "Do you think I am crazy to start my own business in the height of a recession?" The answer

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