Boo! From Halloween to 'Hellection'

What a way to start one of the most hellacious election weeks in recent memory- Halloween! As I ponder the goings-on a number of ideas come to mind. Don’t worry, I’m not going to share my view on the races- the pot has been stirred enough and is boiling over; I personally have had enough of it. There’s nothing quite as effective as a political campaign to heighten human emotion. And if you ask me, for those who are engaged in the process there is quite a bit of nonsense going on as well.

Two particular nonsensical techniques come to mind- negativity and fantastical (read: unrealistic) promises. Not surprisingly, these same two techniques are often employed in business too. Be it politics or business, I was taught to believe that "the issues" are what matters. So let me ask the question that has always puzzled me. What do we hope to gain with these techniques? I am open to the possibilities- maybe there really is some value here, though I admit I am not inclined to think so. What do you think?

Oh and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday. A voice unspoken is neither heard nor understood.


4 responses on “Boo! From Halloween to 'Hellection'

  1. I am engaged in the process but not as a candidate or strategist (except in my deluded mind). Therefore I cannot relate to this question personally as a "user". I understand WHY negativity and promises are used on the political level — they often work, which is to say RichQPublic gets hooked often enough.
    Is that "real value" to us as a society? Is that your question? I'll dodge that one for now Drozda.
    Perhaps a better question for me is do I use negativity and promises to get what I want? I'll dodge that one for now. Dodged Za.

  2. Ed Drozda says:

    Good point Rich; is all this stuff a real value for society? Yup, that is the real question here. And as for using negativity and promises on a personal level, I doubt there are many that can say they never have or will. Maybe that's the whole point- the political landscape is populated with individuals who are being herded by an aggressively publicized media. Hmm, we're back where we started.

  3. Shaun Scovil says:

    I agree the media plays a big role in political tactics, but at the heart of the problem is the great divide in the human mind: Emotion vs. Logic.
    When people make decisions based on logic, they are usually pretty sound. And when things don't work out as planned, logic can usually find a reasonable explanation and solution.
    But when logic eludes us, or when emotions are high, we start thinking with our other brain. The emotional side of our mind is a built-in survival mechanism. It tells us, "Don't just stand there and think – act now!"
    In many cases our instincts serve us well, but when people skilled in the art of manipulation can sometimes drive us to act based on emotion, rather than logic…

  4. Ed Drozda says:

    Shaun I could not agree more. I might add that the ego also hops on the back of the emotional component. It's a big beast for the average human to handle. So, how do we manage it?

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