18 December 2013
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The Story of How Willy Almost Missed Christmas

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years has become a veritable whirl of shopping, decorating and entertaining. Simplicity has given way to grandiosity and honestly I am not sure what we are attempting to accomplish anymore.

10 December 2013
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Let’s call it the ‘hard-sell up-sell’. But when I decided to take my business elsewhere that’s when things got real ugly.

3 December 2013
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How Did We Do? Just Say Perfect.

"Our rating scale goes from 1-5 with 5 being the highest score. Please give us all 5?s because we’re in a competition and we’ll lose out if scored lower or, our boss would not be pleased with less."

25 November 2013
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Why Network? There's Nobody There for Me

I am an avid networker; I believe that it’s vital to the success of my business. I meet a lot of people and I promote networking opportunities, often. While speaking with folks about an upcoming event I hear (all too often) "there’s nobody there for me so there is no value in attending."

19 November 2013
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Strategic Alliances- Partners in Success!

Nine months later I had a tidy sum of money in the bank, a good deal more confidence than I started with and glowing references. What I didn’t have was a clue as to where my next project…

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