2 December 2010
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Would You Like to Join the Odd Duck Club?

It goes without saying- I am not all things to all people. I never wanted to be. For some folks I am nothing at all. C’est la vie. But one thing for sure and that is that I am who I am.

16 November 2010
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I've Got To Be Me

We all should be aware how our actions can impact others; whether it means 'fitting in' or 'letting go' of some of our beliefs we have to assess the impact of being ourselves in certain situations.

9 November 2010
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If It Sounds Too Good to Be True- It Just May Be

Aside from learning a lot they made the attendees an offer- let us help you escalate your business visibility using social media. Oh, and the only catch is that you cross-link to their web-site. Skeptic or not I had to check it out.

29 October 2010
Current Affairs
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Boo! From Halloween to 'Hellection'

Be it politics or business, I was taught to believe that "the issues" are what matters. So let me ask the question that has always puzzled me…

28 October 2010
Customer Service
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I Can't Go Faster Than the Car In Front of Me

It's like the impatient driver on the road- go around if you must or just accept the fact that the world does not revolve around you.

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