Are You Standing On the Edge of the Entreprenurial Cliff?

"FelixStanding on a step about the size of a skateboard, Felix Baumgartner was afforded a view of earth that no-one has ever seen before. Ahead of him, a leap of faith, the sound barrier, life or death uncertain. I can't imagine the adrenaline rush he must have felt as he stood on and then bunny-hopped from his perch 128,000+ feet above the earth.

The similarities between his endeavor and the trials of a business owner are quite striking. In both cases, large amounts of planning and preparation are needed, money will be spent and contingencies will be considered. But in the end it ultimately comes down to the leap that propels everything forward.

Once the leap is taken, a whole lot of things start happening all at once. Free-fall can lead to terrifying spins and inadequate equipment can leave the ground rising to meet us at an all too fast pace. That's why planning and preparation are so vital. While it is not possible to anticipate all possibilities, we have to prepare in the best manner we can formulate.

Once the steady state of free fall is reached we must be forward-looking, ensuring that we exert the necessary amount of control. It is our unique journey and we cannot afford to hand the rip cord over to someone else.

Are you poised at the edge of the entrepreneurial cliff? Afraid to jump? Look over your plans; do whatever it takes to make those plans something that works for you, something that you can do. Then exit the capsule, take in the view (along with a deep breath) and push off. For Felix there was records to set and lessons to learn for future space travelers. It all started with a leap of faith.

What do you have to lose by not taking that next step?

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