Are You Running Too Hard?

In case you have not met this little guy, his name is Red Squirrel. Unlike the more common Grey Squirrel, this guy is quite small and he has the sort of energy that would befuddle the hyperactive and the meth addict alike.

Why the fuss about a hyperactive 4-legger? Whether he's doing circular laps on the side of a tree, or hopping in place and spinning in mid-air, Red Squirrel just puts a big smile on my face. And most important of all is this- he reminds me to ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS!

Nobody needs to be reminded how busy they are, how much stress they feel or how large their to do list is. It's as is if they are rushing to get something over with- in an effort to get to where or to accomplish what, only they know.I suppose in a lot of ways, viewed from a distance, many of us look a lot like my buddy Red Squirrel. Only when it comes to people, that view does not inspire smiles and appreciation.

I'm not suggesting that you should forgo the things you need to do and camp out in the back yard with your furry friends. However, the small things are everywhere, all the time. If you don't acknowledge they exist, you will not only miss them but you will miss out on what they have to offer. And what they have to offer is a smile, a sense of awe, peacefulness, puzzlement. How can those things hurt so bad?

The rat race is not going away but you can choose to observe rather than participate now and then. Sometimes it's good to just step back and watch someone else do the running.

2 responses on “Are You Running Too Hard?

  1. mary mcdonald says:

    Ed, you are so right about this. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. It's all too easy to forget Mary; thanks for writing.

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