Are You Grateful?

"Grateful"After enjoying a relaxing week with my wife and her family in Florida last week I have eagerly (well, let's say I am trying to be eager) returned to the business of "life as usual." It's a great time to reflect just a bit on all the things for which I am grateful. In a world that is fast paced, often unforgiving and invariably challenging, it really does make sense to step back and appreciate all that we have. In fact, I try to do it more often these days, as I am reminded of the people around me who have lost loved ones, suffered immeasurably at the mercy of nature and who struggle to find and maintain a sense of hope.

In the scheme of things I am amazingly fortunate. I am blessed with family and friends that I love and that love and accept me. I am surrounded by possibility both from within and wherever I go. I have my health and well-being to get me through the day, every day. I live in a country where I am provided the opportunity to dream, to explore, to achieve and to fail. I am, in the largest of measure, in command of my well-being, my destiny and my journey.

At the same time I am also faced with challenges, the greatest of which emanate from occasional lapses of confidence and self-worth. Stepping back and observing I have watched myself grow immensely over time and I am grateful that these things have happened. I never expected that wisdom is a simple result of aging but I am grateful that with time I have had the opportunity to experience the new found wisdom that I achieve each and every day. It is these day to day experiences and the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom that derives from them that enables me to face the challenges that inevitably arise.

It is my hope that you too are grateful and that you will continue to recognize all the things for which you are grateful. I encourage you to take inventory of what you have, not what you lack, to embrace what you give rather than what you receive and to always be open to possibility. It is this last thing for which I am most grateful- possibility. If there is possibility there is opportunity, and if there is opportunity there is the very real chance that there will be even more to be grateful for.

Some of you may find this a bit touchy-feely; so be it. Nobody is checking how you react but I suspect that in each of us, there is some value to these words and I hope they will inspire good things for you.

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